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In the Crossroads member resources you will find how to contact members, babysitters, recipes, carpooling, local guides and events of interest in the area. It is you, our members that help create Crossroads resources. If you would like to include information you find useful, enjoy, or even want to advertise, please contact us.  It is you, our members that keep Crossroads resourceful.


Member Directory


An updated print copy of the Directory becomes available each year at the AGM (annual meeting). For security and privacy reasons, the Member Directory is no longer available on the website, but we do have plans to offer a digital copy after the AGM in Fall 2016.

Please read through our Legality and Policy page to understand more about the information we include int the Directory and the restrictions about contacting members for commercial purposes.

Legality and Policy – PLEASE READ IT

Our Committee


We are a team of volunteers who meet up on a regular basis and organise various events for our members.


View Committee


Member Adverts & Notices

Crossroads offers our members a place to add a free ad in the monthly magazine. Please contact us for details. Ads can be for selling, giving away, employment, searching to rent, buy or sell, events of interest, or any general publication you would like to share with the group. Members can also place ads on their own on our private Facebook Market group.


Calendar of Events


Crossroads maintains a Google Calendar of regular events such as weekly walks, toddler groups and yoga class, and special one-time Crossroads events such as champagne socials, potlucks and meetings. If you wish to have your event placed on the Calendar, please email us:

Family Corner

Crossroads also has many activities and resources for families! Here you will find ideas to enjoy outings with the family, information about our toddler playgroup, and also a babysitter list for when the adults want an evening out.

Upcoming Family Events:

Annual Family Barbecue – Sunday, August 28 2016

crossroads kids map
Family Fun Guide

Please check out our Fun Things To Do With Kids Google Map which you can also add to as well (to edit, you must be logged into Google).

Babysitter List

We’re developing a new babysitters list! If you or your teenager would like to be a sitter, or you’d like to nominate someone to be a sitter, please contact us. If you’d like to receive a copy of the list once it is developed, please contact us as well.

Public Transport

What do do or where to go in the area?

Below you will find  very useful links to the local French public transport. All you need to do is click on the info below and it will re-direct you to their website.


Car Pooling

Interested in carpooling? (Also known as car-sharing, ride-sharing, lift-sharing and covoiturage) Please put a request on our closed Facebook group page.


Giving Back

Crossroads likes to stay active in the community and give back! We currently have a few ways we can back to the community or aid in charities. Please contact Glenys Kennedy at her Email

As a multicultural and multigenerational group Crossroads  relies on the wealth of information shared by all. This is a section of the website where you become a key player. If you have enjoyed a restaurant, been to a wonderful guest house or had a wonderful experience, please share your experiences on our private Facebook group site. If you’re a new member seeking a recommendation, feel free to ask away!

Click here to visit the Facebook Private Group ico-facebook

Places to Visit and Stay

Recommendations from our members to our members of Chambre d’hôtes, Hôtels de Charme, Pieds-à-Terre in the area and abroad.


Local restaurants, cafes and other venues for dining. Casual or fine dining, please share your reviews.

Shopping_Professional Services
Shopping & Professional Services

Find reliable professionals in the area, as well as good places for your shopping bargains can be hard when you first arrive.