Crossroads Fontainebleau | Member Directory
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Member Directory

Crossroads Member Directory

Use of Member Directory 

Legality and Policy – PLEASE READ

  • According to French Law we cannot publish members’ addresses without consent. Therefore, the Directory will be unobtainable until such consent is received.
  • Crossroads membership lists with addresses (postal and electronic) are for Crossroads-related business ONLY.
  • Any use of these lists for commercial purposes (promoting goods, services or events) is strictly forbidden unless the advertisement is sent through the agency of and approved by the Crossroads Monday Ads, Reminders, Crossroads Newsletter, or the Crossroads Website.
  • If you wish to forward an ad to a non-Crossroads member we cannot prevent you from doing so, but please be aware that you are distributing email addresses at the same time and that may result in unwanted solicitations or computer viruses. Please exercise caution and copy/paste (copie/collé) the single ad into a new email rather than simply hitting the forward button.
  • Sending unsolicited emails to individual members or to the group email lists promoting services, goods or events can result in restricted access to Crossroads services or even to termination of membership in Crossroads.

Thank you for respecting the privacy of Crossroads members.