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Writers’ Group

The Crossroads Writers Club provides a monthly opportunity for writers to share their work, ask for feedback, and support each other’s efforts. The eleven current members write both fiction and non-fiction—romance, humor, young adult, science fiction, memoirs, and poetry.
In November 2019, short works from Club members were published in Kaleidoscope, a sequel to Blue Fountain (2017). Several members of the Club have also been published elsewhere.
More info on the CWC blog.

New book : Kaleidoscope by Crossroads Writers Club


A bewildered couple thrown together by a train wreck in post-partition India, a long-forgotten half-brother to Louis XIV, a burka-covered woman who is anything but modest, a migrant boy who finds a home and his voice, teenagers linked by a firefly go-between, a woman torn between piety and primitive passion, rough-and-ready Long Island City mechanics whose livelihood is threatened by the Mafia, a non-conformist sunflower, a young woman driven by teen-age loss who stumbles over a family secret, and a mysterious guardian guide for Joan of Arc—these are only a few of the intriguing and vivid characters you’ll meet in this anthology.
Drawing on the authors’ experiences, and set in locations echoing their peripatetic lives—Jamaica, France, Pakistan, India, St. Kitts, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, England, the Netherlands, and the United States—these short works illuminate moments that offer growth, redemption, forgiveness, and adventure, laughter, and love, each a part of the glorious pattern of life’s kaleidoscope.

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Blue Fountain by Crossroads Writers Club


The members of the Crossroads Writers Club hail from seven different countries, including Colombia, France, and the Netherlands. Writing in English, they meet once a month somewhere in Fontainebleau Forest to share their works in progress. In their debut publication, you’ll meet a necromancer who crashes a forest picnic, a refugee from Kosovo who bewitches a London widower, an elegant wife confined to a Colombian coffee plantation, a Japanese salaryman at a turning point. You’ll travel to the island of Madagascar; the Italian countryside; a Corsican village; a Welsh mining town. Some stories are based on real events, and some are pure flights of imagination. Their geographic scope and cultural diversity are a tribute to Crossroads, the club’s parent organization, a nonprofit association that brings together an international assortment of English speakers who just happen to live in or near Fontainebleau, France

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Honk: A Modernized version of the Christian Nativity by Daniel Pouget


Honk speaks! Cute little angels, cooing baby, adoring ox and ass? Are you kidding me? I was there – in smelly, messy Nazareth – stuck with carrying a very big lady (and all her baskets and makeup and whatever) to Bethlemen. Whew! And as for the three kings? More like upmarket trekkers looking for a party, if you ask me. Let me tell you about it…. You’re gonna get the real scoop. Trust me! Yes, me – I’m Honk…and I was there.

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Rage In Page: A Novel by Kirby Williams


“One of the most hilarious fictions I have ever read…Nathaniel West might wish he had written it.” – Bill Henderson

A stunning debut novel written by a black American expatriate and diplomat whose real-life experiences inform the narrative. Resplendent with history, jazz, and mystery, this novel is perfect for fans of Nathanael West, Dashiell Hammett and the “Lost Generation” of American writers in Paris in the early years of the 20th century, such as Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A gifted black musician from New Orleans, Urby Brown, decides to leave Jim Crow behind and head to Paris. Joining the French Foreign Legion, Urby fights in WWI for France and later settles in Paris along with other black expatriates rather than return to worsening racial climate in America. He discovers a vocation as an undercover detective.

Filled with intrigue and crazy adventure, Urby’s quests will lead him face to face with a devious Nazi plot against America all the while discovering who he really is.

An expertly blended tale of historical and criminal fiction and flat out farce, this tale gives us an incomparable view of Paris in the turbulent years between the electrifying debut of Josephine Baker and the fanatic political and cultural upheavals leading to WWII. This one of a kind story with its unique hero captivates readers from the beginning and dramatizes all the dangers of a climate gone wrong.

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The long road from Paris by Kirby Williams


Like the historical thrillers of Alan Furst, this novel explores the lives of black Americans as they confront the demons of nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism which spawned the deadly horrors of the last century and are alive today, leading perhaps to new disasters.

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On the run in Fontainebleau by Christopher Vanier


Retirement can feel like falling off a cliff. What do you do next?On the Run in Fontainebleau chronicles Chris Vanier’s bitter-sweet search for fulfilment in his seventh decade. Looking forward to an easy-going retirement of writing and leisure, he is grief-stricken by his wife’s sudden death. He must begin again. He finds new love, quits Paris, and joins a vibrant community of fellow senior citizens in Fontainebleau who regularly explore the beautiful surrounding forest.No longer a city dweller, Chris must deal with all the problems that a house, garden, and forest hiking can bring, as well as combatting the effects of aging. He learns balance, becomes a sports trainer for other seniors, and discovers how to postpone the body’s decline. There follow escapades, exotic travels, comic mishaps, new heartaches, and reconciliations.But the most tantalising adventures are inside. How to accept the passing away of family and friends, and recognise that being a patriarch means you’re next. And after living in so many places, where is your country? A true adventurer accepts these challenges … and keeps on running!

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