Crossroads Fontainebleau | Clubs
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Weekly Walks

A good chance to stretch your legs! Every month we change the day and the location so that everyone has an opportunity to benefit from a brisk morning or afternoon walk.


Plant Exchanges, Garden Visits

Members bring plants, seeds or bulbs to exchange with other members. A great way to save money when enhancing the beauty of your own garden! Or, just a nice way to spend and afternoon, admiring someone’s personal landscape….


Yoga in English

Free your mind and get in shape with Yoga in English given by our certified yoga instructor. Two mornings a week.


Coffee and Tea Meetups

Friendly and informal get-togethers in a member’s home for coffee and conversation (and sometimes for charity events). We also have an annual Welcome Tea to welcome new members, chat, discover shared interests. Come and meet international English speaking people in your neighborhood.


Mah Jong Club

The Mah Jong group meets twice monthly at the home of one of our members. We have three or four tables of players, as well as coffee, tea, cakes for food and refreshment. It’s a great deal of fun so please come and join us! Both new and experienced players are welcome.


Cooking Demonstrations

Every so often a member hosts a cooking demonstration of English pastries, French cuisine or preparation of international meals (often from their home country). We all get our hands dirty (figuratively speaking) and learn how to create some lovely dishes that we can then take home and share with our families.

Language Exchanges

What better way to hone your language skills than in the company of like-minded Crossroads members. These groups typically meet once or twice a month to provide an environment of constructive exchange in English and French. Please contact Alice Cook for the French exchange and Adriana Kuhlman for the Spanish one.


Book Clubs

Contemporary Book Club

About eight to ten members meet once a month in the afternoon in one of our member’s homes to discuss a book chosen at the previous meeting. The discussions are informal and friendly. We all share a love of reading and good books, and enjoy discovering new authors.  Refreshments are always served. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Books by Candlelight

This club is aimed to those who cannot attend a Book Club during the daytime. This club meets once a month in the evening. The book selection is varied, including classic literature, contemporary novels and books from specific genres. It’s a great way to socialize and enjoy sharing each other’s interpretations of written works.

Meet the Author

We sometimes host events for our members to meet the Authors of contemporary books. For example, in the past Crossroads invited New York Times reporter and author Elaine Sciolino to discuss her popular book, La Seduction: How the French Play the Game of Life.


Members Who Lunch

Gents welcome too! A monthly get-together in different local restaurants. It gives us a chance to socialize and to try new bistros and menus. We aim for a complete meal menu at a reasonable cost so that everyone can participate.


Needlework Club

Knitting, embroidery, crochet, tapestry, alterations, . . . you name it! If it can be stitched by hand, we do it. Join us for an afternoon of needlework, sewing advice, chat, and, of course, tea and biscuits!


Wine Club

We search for good wines at affordable prices to enjoy now. Wines are from different regions of France or other countries. We source red, white, rose, dessert and fizzy wines from small wineries, wine fairs and even supermarkets. Occasionally, trips are arranged to different wine regions for wine tasting as a group.


Playgroup for Little Ones

This group of mothers (and fathers) with babies and pre-school children meets Tuesday mornings for unstructured play. We have a large array of toys and games to be played with by the children. We provide tea and coffee for the parents while they have a chance to chat.


Play Date in English for Kids

A new group for school age children. The host accepts as many children and mums as they can accomodate. They choose a date, an activity (board games, arts and crafts, movie etc.) and voilà. 


Camera Club

The Photo group meets regularly to discuss digital photos taken by members around a monthly theme. This includes the technical aspect as well as computer editing and enhancement.  This group is for those who love taking photos or those just learning to use their camera – everyone is welcome.


Writers’ Group

If you have a desire to write – short stories, poetry, or even the great 21st century novel, join us for a chance to get constructive feedback on your efforts. Everyone welcome.


Digital Theatre and Opera

We offer occasional afternoon presentations of the best of British West End Theatre, Royal Shakespeare & Royal Opera productions…. on the big screen, in the comfort of a member’s living room. We have enjoyed Private Lives, Don Giovanni, La Boheme, the Doll’s House, Into the Woods, As You Like it, Much Ado about Nothing and The Sleeping Beauty.

crossorads volunteer

Community Service

We help out with School activities in English and do Visiting with the Elderly. We are also involved in projects to do with the Chateau, the Fontainebleau and Avon groups of Associations, the Twinning Activities of Fontainebleau and so on. Please contact Glenys Kennedy at her Email.

Other Activities

The activities enjoyed by Crossroads members are not limited to events promoted by these groups. There are always special functions going on that you can join, the following for example:

  • Potluck Meals
  • Themed Parties
  • Picnics
  • Craft Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Exhibitions of Members’ Art or Crafts
  • Shopping Trips
  • Tours of Museums or Historic Sites
  • Swish Clothing Exchanges
  • …and much, much more.

Join us on Facebook

We also maintain a closed page on Facebook. Members will be welcomed there to keep up with events as they happen.