Crossroads Fontainebleau | About
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About Crossroads in Fontainebleau

Crossroads is an international non-profit English-speaking association based in the chateau town of Fontainebleau. The region is home to numerous international groups, businesses and families, a “crossroads” of many people and a commercial and cultural focal point in the region.

The aim of Crossroads the organisation is to draw together the local English speakers for friendship, fun, activities and events. We organise social gatherings, parties, lectures, cultural outings, recreational visits and much more. As well, there are a large number of sub-groups, which meet up regularly in restaurants, cafes and people’s homes to chat, have drinks, share meals, play games or just hang out.

Our membership not only includes native speakers, members from over 20 nations are brought together, united by our many English-speaking activities. Some of us are here for the short term but many of us are ex-pats who have settled down and call the region home (or our second home). Some of us are European; Over 30% of our members are French with English as a second language or from Asia, Africa, Latin America and other parts of the world.
Many of us are international couples and raising families here. Some of us are affiliated with INSEAD or other international organizations. We’re from all walks of life, drawn together by a common language and often the feeling of being in between two worlds. We’re close to 300 members strong, not counting former members and friends who have left the area but still keep in touch.

Another exciting and worthwhile aspect of Crossroads is the growing interest in giving a helping hand in the community in which we are planted. At the moment this involves setting up teams of volunteers to run English workshops for French children in Fontainebleau primary schools, helping in a residence for elderly dependent people in a retirement home, part of Fontainebleau hospital, translating brochures for the Ch√Ęteau of Fontainebleau. Crossroads is always on the look-out for other opportunities to use the skills and enthusiasm of our Members to contribute to our community!